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This is the main Faculty blog, featuring posts on news stories and short analyses relating to current topics and uses of digital technologies.


Research groups and programmes


The Faculty of Economics and Business and its members participate in a number of different research groups and programmes:


DigiBiz. Digital Business Research Group, led by Inma Rodriguez Ardura.


Interdisciplinary research on ICT (i2TIC), led by Joan Torrent-Sellens.


Management & eLearning (MeL), led by Josep M. Batalla Busquets.


NOUTUR. New perspectives on tourism and leisure, led by Lluís Alfons Garay Tamajón


The programmes offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business include bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, postgraduate courses and doctoral studies.

The UOC's academic journals

The UOC has a wide range of journals, offering both scientific publications and knowledge dissemination of a more general nature. The fields covered include arts and humanities, law and political science, information science, communications, multimedia design, and history and culture. You can explore these publications here: https://www.uoc.edu/portal/en/coneixement-obert/publicacions/index.html